Aeolus Financial

Welcome to the home page of Aeolus Financial, a Fee Only Financial Planning practice wholly owned and operated by Robert Holzbach, registered investment advisor representative.  Located in Boston and serving clients across the United States, I provide comprehensive fee only financial planning services to individuals, families, and small businesses.  

My Mission

I am an objective financial advisor who helps clients achieve a better financial life, as they define it. The goal of my financial advice is to help people use their time, their most personal and finite resource, doing the activities they value most.

What I Deliver

The Financial Planning process begins with a thorough review of financial information so that I can draw a comprehensive picture of your financial world. More importantly, we begin a conversation about your hopes and dreams in using your financial resources to achieve your goals.   How do you want to be spending the minutes of your life and how can I help you best use what you have to make the changes that matter to you?

I work with you in prioritizing your objectives and presenting scenarios mapping how you may achieve them. Detailed written plans incorporate cash flow and debt management; asset allocation; risk assessment and insurance needs; tax preparation and planning; saving for retirement and college; charitable giving; or other goals.  For estate planning, I help to find you an experienced attorney who can quickly build from our work, saving you legal fees.

The Five Areas of Financial Planning

Finances -- A review of what you owe, what you make, what you spend reveals a picture of your household economy.

Risk -- How prepared are you for the unexpected? This element of planning evaluates your exposure to life’s risks and the impact they would have on your financial well-being.

Taxes -- Are you taking full advantage of income tax strategies which will reduce your liability?

Investments -- Establishing a well designed investment policy and then following a disciplined strategy

Retirement -- How do you plan to arrange funding for the lifestyle of your choice when you stop working?

Robert Holzbach is a Registered Investment Advisor Representative with the State of Massachusetts

Aeolus Financial is a Registered Investment Advisor with the State of Massachusetts