Aeolus Financial

Marshal Lyautey once asked his gardener to plant a row of trees of a certain rare variety in his garden the next morning. The gardener said he would be glad to do so, but cautioned the Marshal that trees of this type take a century to grow to full size.

"In that case," replied Lyautey, "plant them this afternoon." -- Richard Hofstadter


Marshal Lyautey’s response strikes us as rational, thoughtful, yet somehow counterintuitive. Why is it that so much of the time we put off doing or planning for those things which will ultimately be of such great importance in our lives? 

My role as a financial planner is to be a counterweight to that natural inclination to push off planning for the future. One financial planner I know puts it this way to her clients, “I don’t work for you. I work for a couple that looks like you, has your names, but is 20 years older than you. My job is to advise you on how to put that couple in the best possible position”.

Through financial evaluation, tax management, retirement planning, investments, and risk management, my goal is to have all the pieces of your financial life pull together into one coherent strategy. This is what I mean by comprehensive financial planning.


My belief is that 98% of what passes for financial advising in today’s market is really a disguised attempt to sell clients investment products. I have seen clients' financial futures seriously undermined through their advisor's relentless pursuit of commissions and other kickbacks. It would be bad enough if this merely increased the expense of these advisors. But, its most damaging effect is on the quality of advice.

I work on an flat fee basis and do not accept any form of compensation from any party other than my clients.