Aeolus Financial

 “Rich people plan for four generations. Poor people plan for Saturday night.” – Gloria Steinem

First Year Flat Fee 

Those who give financial advice professionally can be compensated by commissions, participation in wrap programs, a percentage of assets, hourly fees, or retainer fees.  The nature of my work is such that the first year with my clients is the most intensive.  The minimum fee is $6,000 for the first year of financial planning and is negotiable based on financial circumstances. A retainer of $500 is made after acceptance of the proposal letter, with the balance due after the delivery of the written Financial Plan.

Financial advice that is not tied to the purchase of any product or implementation of any particular strategy

I do not take commissions or referral fees, nor do I have any financial interest in your choosing any particular custodian or location for your money.  In fact, there is a substantial emphasis in my work on eliminating and reducing the expenses that you currently have, whether in the form of reducing expense ratios on your investments, tax savings, or by aiding in the purchase of lower cost insurance products.    "If you would be wealthy, think of saving as well as getting." -- Benjamin Franklin

A flat fee promotes better communication 

I would like to encourage my clients to give me as much information as possible, especially concerning their possible future goals and contingent circumstances that may arrive.   Anyone can read an account statement.  What I aim for is to get to know my clients personally so that I can help them utilize their resources to create a better future for themselves.  To that end, I make myself available evenings, weekends, and anytime the client wants to talk throughout the year, even if they feel their thoughts are not fully fleshed out.   Part of my job is to take vague thoughts and turn them into carefully considered opportunities.

A year time frame allows me to support you through each step of implementing your plan 

I work with clients to make the enhancements recommended in the written Financial Plan. This can include working closely with other professionals, such as lawyers, accountants, and insurance agents, or helping to open and fund investment accounts. As things change, I will be there to change the plan as needed.   Clients are encouraged to use me as much as possible to get the most value out of the process. 

Annual Follow Up Meetings

After the first year, I meet semi-annually with clients to rebalance portfolios, address new concerns, and grade the progress of the original plan.